WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery ‘is cruising along’ as Blizzard delays Phase 4


Remember when WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery was the new hotness that had everyone’s attention? That era seems to have passed — at least for now — with Pandaria Remix, The War Within testing, and Cataclysm Classic all vying for attention right now.

It’s not just your imagination that this seasonal server is getting less coverage, too. Blizzard’s been intentionally quiet about SoD and recently delayed the server’s Phase 4 to an unspecified future date in order to give “Cataclysm Classic’s launch the time it deserves to breathe.”

On Twitter, Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield shared a bit more about what’s going on with Season of Discovery, saying, “For now however, the outwards communications focus for the Classic side of WoW is Cata because things are actively happening on live there. Raids opening today being a big one. SoD is cruising along and it’ll have its turn next to have the spotlight.”

Greenfield did tease how Phase 4 will shake up the old formula: “The level 60 phases are going to be really cool, and its my belief that in a lot of ways level 60 will feel a lot more like 2019 classic than SoD has so far in a lot of great ways, but in other ways will be a fun new take on Vanilla WoW endgame. ”

Source: WoW, Twitter via Wowhead
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