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Oh, good, I was worried this would be a happy story.

The Repopulation promises new skills, system revamps, and more in its latest roadmap

A lot of the progress made in development of The Repopulation is pretty granular: bug fixes here, some greybox builds replaced there, things...

The Repopulation replaces whiteboxes with art and improves harvesting regions

The May/June update from The Repopulation is available for fans to read through and it's once more chock full of steady yet...

The Repopulation continues to squash bugs and plans to add water soon

There's been yet another bug-crushing update made to The Repopulation, which is to be expected for a game still in an alpha...

The Repopulation works through an annoying crash issue and begins filling out whitebox areas

The April update from The Repopulation notes some pretty important progress. The latest build has addressed a persistent 02 crash issue with...

The Repopulation’s latest update once again focuses on optimization and error fixing

I've often written here about how not every patch or update needs to bring some big ticket feature and that, sometimes, it's just better...

The Repopulation improves island performance in its latest update

It's fine if you add new things to your sandbox, but none of that will particularly matter if your game runs like butt. Ensuring...

The Repopulation will open its new tutorial island location on January 1

Back in the very beginning of December, The Repopulation had detailed a new island starting area set to release with a patch...

The Repopulation’s new tutorial area is expected to arrive with December’s patch

Getting started in a sandbox like The Repopulation always seems to be the hardest landing to stick. I should know; I've played more...
Well, good by the standards of this title.

The Repopulation’s latest update is all about database improvements and server merges (in a good way)

It can be really hard to swallow the idea that you can discuss server merges in any MMO in a good way. Sure, it means...

The Repopulation checks in with an update on vehicles and mounts

It's been a couple of months since we heard much from The Repopulation, but delays ensured that the most recent dev blog combines...

The Repopulation previews upcoming crafting-system overhaul in latest dev blo

Although a burst water main wreaked saturating terror on the offices of The Repopulation dev Idea Fabrik last month, that hasn't stopped the...
Details, details.

The Repopulation updates players on LODs and inventory following water damage

Unfortunately enough for the developers currently in charge of The Repopulation, the universe was not happy with keeping the game's player-facing updates humming along...

The Repopulation’s latest dev update covers work on the game server and art optimization

You gotta admire any MMO studio that puts out real news on April 1st, knowing the jokes and questions it will provoke, but that's...

The Repopulation previews new tutorial island, lore timeline, and upgraded development servers

The Repopulation's latest dev update is giving me some serious Star Wars Galaxies player city vibes, but then I guess that was always...

Here’s what The Repopulation’s current owners are working on in 2019

At the tail end of 2018, The Repopulation actually saw some forward movement under its new owners at Idea Fabrik, with the launch...
A wreck of our ambition

The Repopulation’s long-awaited update is arriving December 18

Yes, you're getting an update to game mechanics in The Repopulation for this holiday season. And that's the true meaning of Christmas, patches for The...

The Repopulation hires new composer, continues cleanup and revamp of starter map

Idea Fabrik is still plugging away at The Repopulation, according to its end-of-October dev blog. "The last two tests we did gave...

The Repopulation is revamping Plymouth Control ahead of cleanup and optimization patch

You may have been tempted to give up on The Repopulation after its engine-propelled collapse and takeover by Idea Fabrik almost two years...

The Repopulation untangles its core issues and works on a new patch

Do you still hold any hope for The Repopulation? There seemed to be a decided dip in interest for this sci-fi sandbox following...
Somehow I don't think that's going to be a problem.

The Repopulation explains how server wipes will be handled moving forward

Here's a shocking revelation: MMO players do not actually like having all progress reset in the blink of an eye. So you can understand...