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Star Citizen’s arena commander 1.1 is coming soon

Star Citizen’s monthly report is live, and chairman Chris Roberts says that even though February was short, Cloud Imperium accomplished quite a bit.

“As you read this, Arena Commander 1.1 is hitting the PTU,” Roberts writes, “and we expect to make it available on the live server in the very near future.” After that, backers will get their first taste of Star Citizen’s FPS module.

As per usual, the monthly update contains lengthy status reports from CIG studios in Santa Monica, Austin, and around the world.

[Source: February report; thanks Cardboard!]


Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward launches on June 23

The expansion releases on June 23rd, early access begins on June 19th, and pre-orders open up on March 16th.Since the original launch of Final Fantasy XIV, the city of Ishgard has waited, inaccessible, present, a long shadow over the entire game. When Heavensward releases, players will finally get to access the city and fly into the lands beyond.

As for what we’ll find there… well, that was the focus of the media presentation I got to take part in on Friday at this year’s PAX East. And as someone eagerly anticipating the expansion, I now feel suitably informed.

While the presentation included a lot of information that will be familiar to those avidly following the various fan festivals, there were still new pieces of information and new visuals on display. I also had a chance to speak with producer and director Naoki Yoshida regarding the expansion and what comes next for Eorzea, from the features available at launch to those planned for slightly down the road.

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Marvel Heroes gets Iceman, Punisher review, Midtown Madness

It’s a day that ends in “y,” so naturally Marvel Heroes is having some sort of in-game shindig. Midnight Madness has returned, so for the next week you’ll get extra loot from Midtown boss mobs, server buffs, Midtown fortune cards, and patrol boosts.

Oh, and all you Bobby Drake fans can now play as Iceman thanks to the latest hero release. There’s a trailer after the cut for your viewing pleasure.

Finally, Gazillion’s latest patch features Punisher’s level 52 review, a boss revamp, and plenty of bug fixes and tweaks that are detailed in the patch notes.

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New Firefall dev blog talks tinkering, module tweaks

Red 5 has announced a new feature called tinkering that’s currently in the works for Firefall. The firm’s latest dev blog has all the details; the short version is that players will be able to use tinkers to upgrade weapons, abilities, and battleframe cores. Tinkers will be found in major locations like Copacabana, Dredge, etc., and they will offer plenty of options for customization and progression in terms of item ranks and critical successes as well as prototype items and unique upgrades.

Firefall’s module system also gets some love in this latest dev blog, so be sure to head the game’s official website to read all about it!

[Source: Dev blog]


PAX East 2015: Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain adventure arrives in April

The rumors were true: Hearthstone is getting a new adventure in April.

Blizzard formally announced the new content at PAX East this morning. The Blackrock Mountain adventure pack will follow in Naxxramas’ footsteps; it will be rolled out in a series of five wings with 31 new cards. The full bundle of wings will run you $24.99.

On stage at PAX, Game Director Eric Dodds also told fans that the phone version of the game and its adapted UI are still en route. Blackrock Mountain’s debut trailer is below.

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Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns beta is on the way

Are you revved up for Guild Wars 2’s upcoming Heart of Thorns expansion? How about revved up enough to test it? If that sounds like fun to you, you’ll be pleased to know that the beta test will be kicking off “shortly” after this and next weekend’s PAX and Rezzed events. How will it work? First, there’s no NDA.

There will be no nondisclosure agreements for these beta tests. Those of you who are selected as testers will be free to talk about your experiences and to post streams and videos of the content you play. Please understand that these are early beta tests designed to stress core systems of an expansion that’s still in development. Because we’re stressing core systems, we’ll start with a very small pool of testers and then grow a little with each successful test.

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Daybreak posts new Landmark blueprint

Daybreak has published an outline for Landmark development over the next few weeks. The next update, likely dropping somewhere between March 18th and 25th, will focus on achievements and achievement polish, prop palette changes, building improvements, newb experience tweaks, claim upkeep changes, and new props and mats for Qeynos workshop.

Approximately two to three weeks after that update, the following build will address combat iterations, “crafting consolidation and cleanup,” and several other bullet points that you can view via the link below.

[Source: Daybreak forums; thanks Bob!]


PAX East 2015: Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns storms PAX

It’s a huge weekend for Guild Wars 2 at PAX East, as the team is making Heart of Thorns available to the public for the first time. The demo will cover the first part of the Heart of Maguuma jungle and a run of the PvP Stronghold mode. Our own Eliot Lefebvre, who has already taken an advanced look at the jungle and Revenant class last week, will be on the show floor to check this out.

Other big Guild Wars 2 events happening include a community party on March 6th in Boston, the World Tournament Series Finals on March 7th, and a 75% off sale for the game running from March 6th through the 8th.

[Source: Guild Wars 2, press release]
Massively Overpowered was on the ground in Boston for PAX East 2015, bringing you all the best MMORPG and MMO coverage from GW2, FFXIV, Blizzard, and more!


Here’s what’s happening in EverQuest for the next few weeks

What’s on tap for EverQuest over the next few weeks? Quite a bit, according to a forum post by Daybreak’s Johnathan “Prathun” Caraker. EQ’s 16th anniversary events are ongoing, and Prathun provides a loose schedule through the end of April.

The dev team is also tweaking experience gain relative to EQ’s heroic adventure system. Finally, Prathun thanks players for poking and prodding the game’s new loot system and player-designed missions on the test server. “The system will be releasing soon(tm), very soon(tm),” he says.

[Source: EQ forums]


Guild Wars 2 begins testing a streaming client

Getting in to play Guild Wars 2 will happen faster than ever before, thanks to a new streaming client that is coming to the servers in the next update.

A dev diary posted today says that this beta version of the client will facilitate patch downloads for all players by taking on the brunt of patch retrieval after a user has logged in to the game. Players will be able to enter the game once the progress bar hits a marker on the download while the downloader continues to work in the background. The client will also help new players to get into the game quickly by prioritizing the download of character creation and the starter areas.

This new streaming client will initially be limited to NA and EU servers, with China coming “at a later date.”

[Source: Guild Wars 2]


Elder Scrolls Online releases update 6 trailer

Elder Scrolls Online’s huge update 6 patch went live last night, but the celebration begins today. ZeniMax has released a new video exploring all of the update’s major features, but it’s the new justice system that imbues online Tamriel with that classic Elder Scrolls ambiance and has recaptured MMO players’ attention.

Quipped a player tweeting as Shank last night, “Picked a pocket. Got caught. Didn’t pay bounty. Panicked. Ran for my life. Killed by a wolf in the chase. Justice system 10/10.”

The new video and some fresh wallpapers are below; let us know if you’re playing! We might just be bringing back our old Elder Scrolls Online column next week…

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ArcheAge is getting obsidian weapons in March 10 patch

Trion is preparing to release ArcheAge’s Secrets of Ayanad update on March 10th. As such, producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai has posted a new preview on the game’s official website that details the patch’s obsidian weapons. Each existing weapon type will get an obsidian counterpart, while a quest series will help you craft your first obsidian weapon.

“The path to creating an ultimate obsidian weapon is long and arduous,” Khrolan writes. “Only the most dedicated will succeed in evolving a weapon to its final form.” Trion is also planning a livestreamed Q&A session with the ArcheAge producer team on Friday, March 6th, at 5:30 p.m. EST.

[Source: Age of Obsidian]


Dark Age of Camelot is adding ‘casual group finder’

Broadsword took Dark Age of Camelot offline for the better part of today, according to its website. Why? To push out patch 1.117C, which tweaks dopplegangers, adds a new quest to each battleground, offers eight new emotes, fixes a lot of bugs, and unveils a new “Casual Group Finder.”

The CGF “will allow players to queue for either an RvR or PvE group and be automatically placed in one once enough players in their level bracket and that fulfill pre-assigned group roles have been found,” according to the patch notes. Broadsword says that level brackets follow the existing battleground brackets with the exception of a dedicated level 50 tier.

[Source: Patch notes]


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