Neverwinter has officially launched the Undermountain expansion for PC players


It’s expansion day for Perfect World’s Neverwinter! At least if you’re on PC, that is; console players will be waiting until June 11th for their crack at the content, which includes a full campaign, the new expedition system, class overhauls, improved companions, and more.

“Adventurers are summoned to Halaster Blackcloak’s enormous dungeon beneath Waterdeep where they will explore five diverse, new Adventure Zones via the Yawning Portal social hub. Players will encounter and be guided by the proprietor of the well-known tavern, Durnan (voiced by Dungeon Master Ruty Rutenberg), and the Chultan priest of Waukeen, Obaya Uday (voiced by D&D community leader and founder of Gilding Light, Satine Phoenix). Adventurers in Neverwinter can also look forward to a level cap increase to 80, an Endgame Dungeon, Class Powers and Feats overhauls, a revamped Boons system, a richer loot drop experience and tons more in Undermountain.”

MOP’s Larry rounded up all our Undermountain coverage in yesterday’s teaser, and you can check out the launch trailer below too!

Source: Press release

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Castagere Shaikura

Yeah, and every update comes with a large amount of gear grinding. So be prepared to die a lot until you grind out a full set of new gear or pay for stuff in the cash shop.

Nemui Byakko

Let’s give Neverwinter it’s due: amount of new content is always verry big!


Eugh, really don’t like how my cleric plays now. I miss my divinity death ray.