mmo news roundup


MMO Week in Review: Solidarity, Odyssey, and mourning FFXIV’s Fan Festival

This week, the news across the US and the world focused on the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, and gaming joined in the chorus,...

MMO Week in Review: Elder Scrolls Online’s Greymoor, Guild Wars 2’s living story, and the PSO2 clowncar

This week - along with the rest of 2020 - is not being kind to the world, but for MMOs, it's not been wholly...

MMO Week in Review: At least ArcheAge is consistent?

Here's the thing about bad news: MMO players are used to it by now. The best way to deliver news like "the game isn't...
This is what happens when you give guns to plants.

MMO Week in Review: Guild Wars 2 rolls back, Fallout 76 pushes forward

This week in MMOs, Guild Wars 2 botched rewards for its EU rollback, we mused over the quarterly financials for Pearl Abyss and NCsoft,...

MMO Week in Review: Population Zero hits early access; early access hits back

Survival MMO Population Zero rolled into Steam early access this week, but it was a bumpy ride, followed by apologies and patches and an...

MMO Week in Review: The pandemic racks up more MMO delays and cancellations

Remember a few weeks ago when we wondered how many more MMO launches and patches and events would suffer delays and cancellations thanks to...
Let us pray.

MMO Week in Review: LOTRO and Guild Wars celebrate big birthdays

Business is booming for MMOs and online games, as the world under lockdown nevertheless turned in a stellar games industry revenue report card for...

MMO Week in Review: Earnestly hoping for Fallout’s redemption

The global pandemic continues canceling gaming events, but MMOs keep on going - some of them better than ever. Fallout 76, Guild Wars 2,...

MMO Week in Review: MMORPG pandemic delays, from New World to FFXIV

Multiple MMORPGs fell victim to pandemic-related delays this week, both large ones and small delays, including New World, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV,...

MMO Week in Review: AIR’s Elyon rebrand, Elyria’s ‘road to nowhere’

There's no slowing down for the MMO industry right now, which feels pretty bizarre under the circumstances, but here we are. This week, we...

MMO Week in Review: Elyria’s suspended storm, Guild Wars 2’s lie of omission

Even in the middle of a pandemic, the MMO industry manages to keep ramping up the news. Not only did Chronicles of Elyria give...

MMO Week in Review: Finding refuge in MMOs from WoW to LOTRO

This week was both the spring equinox and St Patrick's Day, but you wouldn't know it from the world, which is still reeling from...

MMO Week in Review: So we’re going to Cantha

The spreading coronavirus has dominated headlines around the world this week, and we can't escape it even here, as gaming events cancel and gaming...

MMO Week in Review: Holly Longdale’s short goodbye

It's the end of an era for the EverQuest franchise, as this week Holly Longdale, the longtime franchise head only recently installed as the...

MMO Week in Review: Magic Legends and more from PAX East

This week in MMOs, what should've been an epic week for online gaming with the arrival of PAX East took on a dismal cast...

MMO Week in Review: World of Warcraft’s subber casualties

World of Warcraft had quite a week: It began Shadowlands' alpha, opened a Classic test server, and took heavy subscriber casualties over the last...

MMO Week in Review: Anthem’s second verse

MOP celebrated its fifth birthday - thanks to you! Yep, we're still here, bringing you MMO news and opinions... like the fact that SWTOR...
I'll be gone soon.

MMO Week in Review: Next let’s do Blizzard Reforged

Well, that sure was a week. We got our first public look at the real state of Camelot Unchained's tech, CliffyB resurfaced with all-new...

MMO Week in Review: When all you really want is some good MMORPGs

It wasn't the best week for MMORPG fans. PWE downgraded Torchlight Frontiers into the not-an-MMORPG Torchlight III, Astellia Online's Steam launch was hampered by...

MMO Week in Review: Daybreak, Funcom, and Tencent

Ah, the start of a new year: the best time for industry shake-ups. Last year's were pretty devastating, you'll recall. So far, though, the...