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The studio building Black Desert.

Not pictured: earrings.

Black Desert revamps Padix Island, brings out a Glimmering Earring, and starts a beach party for beer

It's Wednesday, and that means it's patch day for Black Desert, and in this case that also means you can head down...

One Shots: Avoid these vacation destinations

When you're planning your summer MMO vacation, there will be a lot of places bidding for your time and gold. But not every resort...

Black Desert celebrates the 2020 Termian Water Park grand opening with an in-game event

Few things say "summertime" quite like a water park, and seeing as how the pandemic is kind of killing the joy a real-life water...

Massively Overthinking: Changing the mindset of the MMO genre

I recently saw a journalism professor argue that generating a widespread thinking shift in an entire profession can take decades. "You have to keep...

Desert Oasis: Our guide to playing Black Desert’s season servers

The introduction of Black Desert's season servers this summer was my chocolate-in-peanut-butter moment of the year. I didn't know the combination would be...

Black Desert Mobile adds a new tower defense mode, PC lets players graduate season servers early

Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile both have some things going on in the news today, as is very often the case...

Black Desert addresses caster-heavy Conquest Wars, new regions, and gear progress walls

We're back once again with another set of Black Desert Heidel Ball player questions. Who knew that we'd be getting so much...
Ms. Not-Appearing-In-This-List.

Perfect Ten: Ten MMOs I was very wrong about

Here's a not-actually-very-secret bit of honesty about the industry that I have been working in for about a decade now: I am not actually...

This week’s Black Desert update is Cursed, literally, as the Netflix collab begins

Cursed by Netflix transmedia synergy, that is! Yes, as promised, the Netflix fantasy series Cursed has a big crossover with the Black Desert...
Donkeys cannot use horse gear.

Black Desert’s summer server season will end early to accommodate the PC Hashashin launch

So Black Desert has some good news and bad news this past week. And the bad news leads in to the good news,...

Here’s 22 minutes of video explaining what we know about Elyon’s beta version so far

Beta testing for Elyon, aka The Game Formerly Known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, has been ongoing in Korea for a little while...

Shadow Arena confirms its arrival to consoles and unveils its 12th hero

I’m no industry expert, but I bet I know what the gaming consoles need: more battle royale games! This brain wave is being shared...

Desert Oasis: Black Desert’s outlook in the lead-up to Crimson Desert

I've played nothing but the Black Desert season servers in the last month. It's such a fresh breath of air, and it's something...

Black Desert offers free play event ahead of transmedia synergy collab with Netflix’s Cursed

So here's one I did not expect to see in my inbox this morning: Pearl Abyss has apparently teamed up with Netflix for a...

Black Desert adds a tactics-based PvE arena, a summertime quiz, and a trial that gives away the game

Free game alert, though with a bit of an asterisk: Black Desert is offering a free trial starting now until August 5th...

Black Desert player opens over 1,000 Oasis Dream Chests during a livestream

Remember when Black Desert had the Find Your Oasis event where players could earn Oasis Dream Chests full of stuff? How many...
North north north.

Black Desert adds new PvP server, revamps main quest rewards for new levelers

Black Desert's PC updates almost flew under the radar this week because they had no tentpole feature or event, but there's still...

Massively Overthinking: How much should MMOs cost in 2020?

MOP reader Castagere recently wrote to us with a nod to the growing sentiment across the gaming industry that might indicate a shift in...

Black Desert console players are getting the new Hashashin class first

Well, this is a decision that will no doubt draw forth reasoned discourse and carefully formatted reactions: Console players of Black Desert will...

Desert Oasis: How should Black Desert handle class balance?

Last week, I wrote about how the recent tamer changes in Black Desert resulted in a write-in campaign. Ever since then, I've...