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Albion Online begins testing Knightfall midseason patch tomorrow – with WASD movement

Yesterday, Sandbox Interactive dropped patch notes for Albion Online Knightfall midseason patch, and it's a doozy with a long list of tweaks. When the...

Gloria Victis introduces a siege mode for Valley of Death and a werewolf boss for guilds to fight

With Gloria Victis making its full launch this past February, the next logical step for the sandbox is to introduce a werewolf. Yes, this...

Sea of Thieves revamps Golden Sands outpost, adds helpful seagulls, and applies a long list of fixes

Nine times out of 10, seagulls aren't helpful; they're either being monstrous little bastards or harassing Yoda. Luckily in Sea of Thieves' latest update...
Sure, why not, right?

Mortal Online 2 offers a preview of player-built towns arriving in its upcoming territory control update

Sure, you can just walk up to characters in Mortal Online 2 and smack them in the head with your weapon of choice, but...

Profane adds armor textures, previews PvP, and shares its latest end-of-month roadmap

We are once more scraping together Profane's development reports, which continue to come via tweet storm, and we start things off with the end...

Dark Age of Camelot’s killer bunny returns, Wurm Online hides Easter baskets for subscribers

When the words "Harbinger of Spring" are read, most people would be forgiven for thinking pleasant, colorful, and sunny things. Maybe a faun wearing...

PvP sandbox MMO Bellatores launches a new English site full of lore, gameplay briefings, and pictures

Most of what we've been hearing out of the Korean sandbox MMORPG Bellatores has been primarily second-hand, but now we're all getting a more...

Mortal Online 2 offers its first sneak peek of the sandbox’s Unreal Engine 5 upgrade

Who wouldn't appreciate some better visuals in their FFA PvP sandbox? That's just what players of Mortal Online 2 are getting in the near...

Albion Online East server suffers a series of technical mishaps upending invasion mechanics

Last week, Albion Online's newly released Albion East server started causing problems for Albion West, with instability and crashes affecting players of the sandbox...

Mortal Online 2 suffers from a DDoS attack and an account hacking of one of its GMs

This past week appeared to be a rough one for players of Mortal Online 2 as Star Vault Studios confirmed that its servers were...

Profane shares a brief video demonstration of its most recent build in action

The FFA PvP sandbox title Profane has no shortage of progress reports to offer its Twitter followers as we've reported on plenty of times...

6000 EVE Online players and four alliances went to war over the weekend

Yesterday ended up being a great day for another large-scale EVE Online scrum as over 6,000 players from Imperium, B2, Winter Co, and PanFam...

Wurm Online heralds holy sites, rotating item skins, PvP server updates, and colorful rugs for March

There seems to be a little bit of everything for the Wurm Online player this month, whether it's exploring the previously tested holy sites...

Mortal Online 2’s next livestream will give away a GPU and highlight upcoming new magic spells

Would you like to win a beefy new graphics card for simply watching a Mortal Online 2 livestream? Then you'll want to hop in...
Single-platform universe.

Dual Universe previews update 1.3’s schematic container, maintenance unit, and expanded ship shop

The next major update coming to the sci-fi building sandbox of Dual Universe is on the way, and it's bringing several quality-of-life features for...

Sea of Thieves highlights Halo-themed cash shop items and confirms a delay for its next Adventure

Has your time in Sea of Thieves been missing some Master Chief style? Then you're in luck because tomorrow, February 16th, there will be...
Here comes a rugby match.

Gloria Victis’ first day of full launch sees new servers, crafting quest overhauls, and connection problems

Yes, it's another one of those "water is wet" kind of news stories for MMORPG veterans, but since Gloria Victis made its full launch...

Profane discusses skills and how players will acquire them in Twitter thread

It's time for another Profane Twitter thread! No, not a thread of angry, expletive-filled postings on Twitter, but a Twitter thread from the devs...
Das Tal

Das Tal tweaks player collision, minimap, and more

It's time for another Das Tal dev blog, and this one touches on everything from audio to art to world-building tasks to the UI. The...
Das Tal

Das Tal’s latest dev blog talks bug squashing and upcoming tests

Das Tal's latest dev blog is live, and with it all manner of detail as to what the team's been up to lately. Last month's...