MMOs, unfortunately, do not last forever. When they sunset and close down for good, the whole genre mourns.

Star Trek Online is discontinuing its Mac client

Star Trek Online is officially discontinuing support of its Mac client.

Perfect World says that following the Mac client’s recent struggles and the support required to solve them, it has decided to terminate the client.

“[W]e looked at our Mac support overall and determined that we cannot promise to deliver an experience on Mac that meets our expectations of quality. After heavy consideration, we have decided to end support for the Mac version of Star Trek Online on February 5th. No other version of Star Trek Online is impacted.”

The game’s Mac client will cease to be downloadable as of tomorrow, and the C-Store in that client will be shut down as well. Anyone currently playing on that client can continue doing so until it “become[s] permanently unavailable” in the spring. Reimbursements are on the way too:

“We will be canceling and refunding any active recurring subscriptions purchased between October 1, 2015 and today, including Lifetime Subscriptions. If a payment was made other than a credit card or Paypal, the value of the subscription will be reimbursed to your Arc Account Balance.
We will be reimbursing any Zen that was purchased through Arc or Steam between October 1, 2015 and today to your Arc Account Balance.
We will be reimbursing the value of any Packs purchased through Arc or Steam between October 1, 2015 and today to your Arc Account Balance.”

PWE recommends Wine and other Mac-environment simulators to players affected.


DUST 514 will sunset on PS3 in May, replaced by new PC FPS

CCP Games has just announced that it will be sunsetting its EVE-universe shooter DUST 514 on the PlayStation 3 platform on May 30th. The company is planning a brand-new shooter for the PC; it’s currently “in an early phase of production” and is set in the same universe, but it’s not Project Legion exactly. DUST players will receive recognition rewards in the new game.

“CCP’s development team in Shanghai has been working on a prototype for a first-person shooter for PC with the goal of building a great FPS set in our sci-fi universe of New Eden (the universe in which EVE Online, DUST 514, EVE: Valkyrie, and Gunjack are set). Their experience is being utilized to build a new game from scratch using Unreal Engine 4 while harnessing all our learnings from DUST 514. This is in many ways an evolution of Project Legion, the concept we announced at EVE Fanfest 2014, but without the limitations of technical debt and development paths we quickly discovered in that effort that could never serve as a future-proof technology base for a full production game. This new project is still in an early phase of production, and we feel like we’re on the right track and plan to give an update at EVE Fanfest on April 21st as a part of the free livestream of the event. Since this new game will be different from DUST 514 (although keeping many of its great parts), we will provide tiered recognition rewards to our loyal DUST customers, details to be announced.”

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Hellgate is shutting down its last server in the world

Hellgate is one of those titles that never quite seems to die; the former Flagship title has been resurrected and shut down so many times that you can be forgiven for losing track of all of them. Well, it’s closing again, and this time it feels a little more final than previously.

Hanbitsoft is shuttering the last Hellgate server in the world, which is located in Korea, on February 26th. If you’re shedding tears at this news, then don’t worry; we’re sure its corpse will be dug back up and Frankenstein’d to life again one day.

For example, as a VR game and a mobile title. Which are both allegedly in the works. Why? Why won’t you people let Hellgate die already?

Source: MMO Culture


City of Steam is shuttering on January 31st

In the heady days of yesteryear, we believed that removing the need to download a client would be the key to unlocking more people who wanted to jump on the MMO bandwagon. This was one of the major selling points of City of Steam when the game first launched as a browser-based title. Unfortunately, today we come not to praise the game’s prescient structure but to lament its imminent shutdown, with the game servers going offline on January 31st.

The developers cite several issues that ultimately led to the game’s shutdown, chief among them being the fact that Unity is increasingly not supported properly in browsers. The team isn’t fading quietly into the night, with a new title in development; Heroes of Skyrealm is set in the same universe and hopes to use the lessons learned over the years with City of Steam. Our condolences to the fans losing a favorite game, just the same.


Dungeon Striker shutting down for the second time

It might not have the persistence of Hellgate: London, but Dungeon Striker has released and been shut down once before. Alas, its second lease on life was no more successful than the first, and the game will be shutting down in Korea again on February 11th.

Players can get a refund on some cash shop items, and anyone who had reached level 50 will be able to get a leveled-up Dragon Nest character for free. That may not make up for the sting of losing a game, but it can take the edge off.

Source: Steparu


Abandoned crowdfunded MMO Greed Monger is apparently back in production

Just when you thought the Greed Monger drama was so 2015, now it’s back.

The crowdfunded MMO sandbox appeared to have gone belly-up last year when its lead programmer quit as a result of not being paid by the game’s project lead, and then the project lead himself quit, and then in May, the lead programmer announced the game was dead. MMO gamers who’d backed the game to the tune of $100,000 were understandably ticked, and the game became one of the favorite poster children for MMO crowdfund disasters.

Today, James Proctor, the same lead programmer who declared the game dead last year, announced on a refreshed but barebones Greed Monger website that the game is now back in production.

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Triad Wars will sunset on January 20th, 2016

Here’s a bit of unfortunate news for Christmas: Triad Wars is closing down.

“Since the start of the Triad Wars Closed Beta this year, diligent Enforcers have run rampant through the streets of Hong Kong, killing rivals and building Empires. During this time we have gathered immense amounts of feedback, information, and data on the game. We’ve loved seeing how you’ve played Triad Wars but we know it wasn’t right for many of you so we’re letting you know today that we are going to close the beta and service on January 20th 2016 at 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. That’s 4 weeks from today and over this time we’re going to leave the game up and running for you to continue to enjoy but we will not be accepting any more purchases. To help you enjoy these final 4 weeks we’re going to make Gold available free of charge and we’ll shortly be posting news on the forums about how to deal with refunds of unused Gold. Thank you very much for all the testing, feedback and support!”

The game had been in beta since earlier this year.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Shloo and Celestial.


Here’s a shocker: Hellgate is shutting down (again)

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that the latest version of Hellgate is closing down. OK, smartasses in the back row, put ’em down, because absolutely no one is shocked that Hellgate Global failed to make money.

It’s kind of old news at this point, too, since the closure post on the T3Fun forums is dated October 20th, 2015. But hey, it was new to me so I figured there might be a couple of you who care. The game’s cash shop has already gone dark, while the service itself will take a final bow on December 31st, 2015.

The original Hellgate: London ARPG released way back in 2007(!), and since then the property has changed company hands, continents, and business models numerous times in an effort to stave off the inevitable.

Source: Forums; thanks Ciciro!


Dragon’s Prophet has shut down

It’s always sad when a game shuts down. Dragon’s Prophet never managed to quite find its audience in the American marketplace, and it has shut down in North America as of Monday. The game continues to operate normally in Europe and Asia, but Daybreak Games fans will no longer be able to tame their personal dragons. Sadly, even the official site is gone from the digital aether.

Our condolences to fans and staff members affected by the shutdown.


PSA: GuildPortal is shutting down this month

If your guild’s web presence depends on GuildPortal, you may want to start looking for a new home. The long-running web host, which first opened its doors way back in 2001 and which provided everything from forums to rosters to raid calendars for those of us who lacked web development skills, “will be going offline (permanently) by the end of the month,” according to a tiny notice at the top of the main page.

Source: GuildPortal; thanks Duane and Robenix!


New DMCA exemptions will preserve some abandoned online games, but not MMOs

Late last year, the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a petition with the U.S. Copyright Office seeking specific exemptions to the DMCA essentially on account of absurdity (because it’s the future and even your car is a computer that needs to be tinkered with). One of the group’s requests involved “one for users who want to continue to play ‘abandoned’ video games.” That exemption, along with others, has now officially been granted by the Library of Congress, meaning that as of yesterday it’s OK to bust through a dead game’s DRM to make it work again.

Don’t get too excited, though; the exemption still doesn’t cover MMORPGs.

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Dragon’s Prophet calls it quits in North America

The latest free-to-play fantasy MMO to call it quits is Dragon’s ProphetDaybreak and Runewaker announced today the decision to shutter the title in North America. Dragon’s Prophet will continue to be available in Europe and Asia for the time being.

The North American shards will go poof on November 16, 2015, and the devs are currently planning to make seasonal content and items available during the game’s final weeks. The game’s official website features an FAQ that answers various cash shop-related questions.

Source: Announcement; thanks Champagon and Nicodamus!


Echo of Soul announces China closure too

Any way you look at it, Echo of Soul is taking a beating lately. Following the announcement earlier this month that the game will be closing in Korea, publisher ChangYou released a statement saying that Echo of Soul’s Chinese server will be sunsetting on November 17th.

Aeria Games told Massively OP last week that it remains committed to supporting Echo of Soul in North America and Europe.

“Aeria Games is committed to the enthusiastic North American and European players of Echo of Soul. While Echo of Soul will be discontinued in Korea by the Korean publisher of the game, this does not affect the future of Echo of Soul in Europe and North America. Developer Nvius will continue to create fantastic new content for Echo of Soul and Aeria will keep delivering a great game experience to all players. We’re currently ramping up towards the release of some long-anticipated content, which we will be excited to announce within the next few weeks.”

The MMO is currently available via Steam in the west and is in open beta with no plans to wipe once it transitions to launch.

Source: MMO Culture


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