war thunder

Official Site: War Thunder
Studio: Gaijin Entertainment
Launch Date: November 1, 2012
Genre: Historical MMOFPS Sim
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Max, Linux, PS4

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Cold times

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To rather uneventfully go.

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War Thunder begins beta for World War mode, introducing player-led historical battle re-enactment

You know what war MMOs need? More war, obviously. And that's exactly what War Thunder's up to right now with the open beta for...

Japanese naval vessels are coming to War Thunder

As part War Thunder's effort to include every single combat vehicle ever designed by every major nation in the entire world, another research tree...

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War Thunder turns on radar systems in the Locked On update

In my extremely dumb headcanon, I imagine the operators of the various vehicles in War Thunder have all simultaneously found the "on" button for...

Modern combat vehicles are coming to War Thunder

As much as online vehicular combat games like War Thunder love them some history, every now and again you've got to get with the...

War Thunder’s Supersonic update introduces new aircraft, new weapons, and new locations

The latest update for Gaijin Entertainment's free-to-play vehicular combat game War Thunder is breaking the sound barrier with the introduction of the game's first...

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War Thunder prepares to add Italian ground forces to its roster in December

Have you long found your enjoyment of War Thunder's ground game hampered by the fact that you cannot currently field Italian ground forces to back...

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It's a tank. Let's be honest with ourselves, tanks basically look the same.

Happy sixth birthday, War Thunder! Here’s what it’s getting you

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War Thunder introduces new naval vessels on PC, goes free-to-play on Xbox One

The latest content update for Gaijin Entertainment's free-to-play vehicular-combat title War Thunder is now live, and it brings with it a slew of naval...

War Thunder’s Update 1.81 introduces helicopters and adds new tanks, aircraft, and maps

Cue Flight of the Valkyries (or Fortunate Son, as you prefer) because helicopters have arrived in Gaijin Entertainment's free-to-play vehicular combat game War Thunder....

Grab a War Thunder Naval Battles closed beta key from Gaijin and Massively OP!

For the last couple of months, War Thunder studio Gaijin Entertainment has been hard at work running a closed beta for its Naval Battles...