war thunder

Official Site: War Thunder
Studio: Gaijin Entertainment
Launch Date: November 1, 2012
Genre: Historical MMOFPS Sim
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Max, Linux, PS4

War Thunder’s Kings of Battle adds new aircraft, ground vehicles, and a new way to murder foliage

War Thunder has kindly pumped out a big patch for war gamers who want something fun to play tonight while eating candy that they...

Marine vet journalist contextualizes War Thunder’s multiple real-world military doc leaks

War Thunder players using sensitive military documents to win arguments or stump for updates to in-game vehicles has been something of an unfortunate trend...

War Thunder’s Kings of Battle update brings the big guns with new self-propelled artillery vehicles

The devastation and suppression that well-placed artillery fire is capable of on a battlefield is definitely something that can't be understated. It's this impact...

The MOP Up: Soulframe releases a soundtrack tidbit

Soulframe fans starved to hear something -- anything -- about Digital Extremes' upcoming fantasy RPG were thrown an audio morsel this week in the...

War Thunder’s Sons of Attila update is live with new Hungarian vehicles and Southeast Asia-inspired map

Hungarian wargaming fans are in for a treat as War Thunder has launched Sons of Attila with its themed vehicles and aircraft. "Gaijin Entertainment announces...

The MOP Up: World of Warcraft’s mighty banhammer strikes once more

World of Warcraft announced that it banned 145,566 accounts in August, saying, "All of these actions were for cheating or exploitation, which primarily result...

War Thunder’s Sons of Atilla update features new Hungarian armor and several other new vehicles

Vehicles are the name of the game in War Thunder, and there will be a whole bevy of them arriving in the September Sons...

War Thunder Mobile has officially launched on Android and Apple today

Gaijin Entertainment is launching a new game as of today - and it's going to look a little familiar too. It's a new and...

War Thunder details vehicle marker adjustments and bot fighting efforts in latest dev blogs

Two of the latest dev blogs to come out of War Thunder are extremely game-specific, but then that would make sense, especially for those...
Yeah, we're boned.

The MOP Up: MapleStory rebuilds the legendary guild castle

MapleStory broke out the second part of its two-part summer Savior update which is "packed with a new mystical land to discover, a new...

War Thunder launches a crossover event featuring enemies from the single-player FPS Atomic Heart

The Soviet alt-history FPS Atomic Heart and the historical military vehicle battler War Thunder have clapped hands for an intriguing collaboration event featuring one...

War Thunder shares economy roadmap targeting summer update

Last month, the players of War Thunder started a revolt as Gaijin Entertainment's deeply unpopular economic changes got rolled back following a review bombing....

The MOP Up: WalkScape opens up a community portal

To bring all of the game's news and access together in one place, the in-development ARG WalkScape created a new Portal. If you'll recall,...
Pay to lose.

Perfect Ten: Get out of my dreams and get into my (MMO) car

Cars. They go vroom-vroom, and then they go really fast, and how do we live in a country where you basically need a car...

War Thunder walks back economy changes following review bombing campaign

The outcry from players of War Thunder has been a success. Gaijin Entertainment was planning to continue applying what it called a "rank-based economy"...
When we're talking about bombs, any drop rate is too high if you're on the ground.

Gamer who leaked classified military intel was first sharing documents in – wait for it – a War Thunder Discord

Back in April we reported on another unfortunate and alarming case of a gamer spreading classified military documents on the internet, this time involving...

War Thunder Edge is now War Thunder Mobile, entering open beta testing on Android

Last November we were alerted to the upcoming release of War Thunder Edge, a mobile version of the multiplayer military vehicle battler that promised...

War Thunder blasts two new soundtrack albums at our defenseless eardrums

You know what online game has a vastly underrated soundtrack? War Thunder. And I'm not even joking here. Just give "Advance Australia," "Angels of...

The MOP Up: Elder Scrolls Online wises up

As the Necrom expansion looms in Elder Scrolls Online's future, there are several new NPCs for players to anticipating meeting. One of these is...

War Thunder welcomes Minecraft to the ‘gaming playerbases leaking military secrets’ club

Over the last half week, the intelligence community has been reeling over a serious leak of military documents that apparently were promulgated through a...