World of Warcraft guides players to the jungle, enters the hall of fame


The opening moments of World of Warcraft‘s most recent expansion involve an assault on the Iron Horde’s base of operations, the Tanaan Jungle. Now, for patch 6.2, players are headed back to the jungle to take on the full might of the Iron Horde and knock them down once and for all. There will be vicious wildlife, quest hubs, enemies to kill, and new chapter-based quests to really put paid to everything started so far within the game’s storyline.

Outside of the game itself, World of Warcraft was announced as one of 15 finalists for the Strong National Museum of Play’s Video Game Hall of Fame. That puts it alongside titles including Tetris, The Oregon Trail, and Pac-Man. Considering the impact that the game has had on games in general and MMOs in particular, it seems appropriate.

[Source: Tanaan Jungle preview, 2015 World Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists via Blizzard Watch]
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