Hardcore sci-fi sandbox Divergence Online preps for Steam early access launch


Sci-fi sandbox Divergence Online is on the way to Steam’s early access program — at least, it will be when someone at Valve wakes up from the traditional New Year’s stupor and flips the approval switch.

“We’re realizing that although the game was already approved for sale on Steam, that there is still a final ‘final’ approval process that it must go through, which could take ‘anywhere from a few hours to a few days,'” Stained Glass Llama wrote on Facebook, “so just letting everyone know that we’re just waiting on word from Valve right now and will let you know the moment it goes through. Thanks for your patience.”

The self-proclaimed Star Wars Galaxies spiritual successor was Greenlit on Valve’s platform last fall.┬áMassively OP chatted with the game’s lead dev, Ethan Casner, during his Indiegogo campaign in September, when he added a consensual PvP server as a stretch goal as a result of community requests. The game’s most recent patch introduced twitch combat, destructible structures, and a complete refactoring for skills and professions.

We’ve included new screenshots and the early access launch video below.

Source: Facebook, YouTube, patch notes
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