Darkfall: New Dawn readies test server launch for next week


The night is always darkest before a new dawn, or so they say. Happily, antsy Darkfall players won’t have long to wait until they can get into one of the reboots, as New Dawn will flip the switch on its InDev server on June 28th.

If you’re curious about what New Dawn looks like and want to check it out before putting money down on it, you should make it a priority to jump into the game soon. “We will start out with a free period of three weeks while we test load on our server and solve issues that may arise, then we’ll limit access to paying customers,” the dev team said.

New Dawn will require both the purchase of a copy of the game and a monthly subscription. What’s a little odd here is that the box comes with two months of sub time, with one being used now during the stress test and one down the road when the game moves to its permanent server.

The team has pointed out the progress that players should see when they check out the test. These milestones include improvements to the alignment system, user interface tweaks, and a reduction in grind and the power gap.

Source: New Dawn
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