World of Warcraft outlines the demonic invasion hitting Azeroth

The existence of ways to ignore the problem does not make the problem not exist.

The Burning Legion is coming to World of Warcraft, and players have to fight them off. Sure, we’re not going to be able to do that for good before Legion arrives, since it would be kind of disappointing if we did so well at the pre-expansion effect that the expansion was cancelled. But there’s still going to be a lot of enemies to fight through when the pre-patch lands, with invasions starting a week or two after everyone has gotten a chance to get used to the new patch. No later than August 17th, though, it’s all coming down.

Players will have to fight through demon invasions at six different locations, with each invasion taking place across four stages. Participants will be rewarded with Nethershards, used to purchase four Legion-themed transmog sets and other rewards. You can also get one of 16 unique weapons from the event, and at item level 700 they may prove to be a significant upgrade for some of your characters. So get some time in with the pre-patch once it hits and get ready to smash some demons with the best of them.

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