SkySaga’s alpha 9 revamps its tutorial, buffs the City of First Light


Alpha 9 has descended upon British-born voxelbox SkySaga.

“We’ve made a lot of changes to SkySaga this Alpha and added some really awesome new features we think you’ll love!” writes Community QA Manager PirateScott. “Along with a completely redesigned City of First Light comes the mysterious Lumostone – a magical wireless method of connecting devices (having to open a door with your hands is sooooo Alpha 8 after all!). Now you can hook doors up to pressure plates using logic networks, and therefore have them open as you approach! We’ve also revamped the tutorial and Forest Mastery quest chain, changed how chests work on Adventures, made changes to combat, added some new voxels, amazing new weapons and armour, and updated the UI in a big way!”

Smilegate has posted a new trailer to accompany the rollout (it’s tucked below!). North American, European, and Aussie players are still able to sign up for the closed testing¬†on the official site. A formal release date has not been set.

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Saryent!

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