EVE Online details the major changes coming to being a mining foreman

For larger mining operations in EVE Online, you need a foreman. Not just because you need someone to complain about to your fellow mining buddies, but to provide benefits to yourself and your fellow miners. The latest development entry on the official site details the changes coming to the game’s mining systems to coincide with the upcoming command burst changes, which means clarifying the roles of the foreman and providing more interesting gameplay as you hover and direct.

A foreman is meant to cover three roles: Defending the miners, providing buffs with Command Bursts, and assisting the operation with mining drones. Foreman changes include a streamlined and sequential ship progression, a variety of command bursts for mining-specific buffs, and more potent droves to deploy. If you felt like being foreman before was too passive, you’ll be happy to know that it’s going to become a fair bit more involved when the changes arrive.


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