Bluehole Studio and ArenaNet are hiring multiple devs

This is not heading in a positive direction, in other words.

It is always much more of a relief to report on MMO studios hiring on new help rather than going through layoffs. Right now, both Bluehole Studio and ArenaNet are going through a hiring boom as they seek to fill multiple positions in their respective companies.

Bluehole Studio is preparing for a recruitment drive next week to find game planners, artists, and programmers for its multiple titles. The studio is not only looking to expand TERA, which could involve working on that long-rumored console port, but needs more talent for its upcoming Project W MMO.

Over in ArenaNet’s neck of the woods, the Guild Wars 2 studio is seeking out a half-dozen artists to slide into various roles at the company. These include an FX artist, character modeler, and senior animator.