DC Universe Online brings out new holiday outfits and penguins for December

It's the most whateverful time.
It’s time for the holidays in DC Universe Online once again, and that means that a supervillain is going to try to ruin the celebration. Of course, this also means that whether you’re a hero or a villain, you can work on saving Christmas in exchange for a bunch of new holiday costume pieces and base decorations. And really, isn’t that the spirit of the season?

Seriously, is that the spirit of the season? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

Players will have access to new daily missions that can be completed to recover presents and pick up Holly Leaves, the event currency for unlocking all of the base decorations and costuming options that you could want. You’ll have until December 31st to gather all of the leaves and associated rewards that you’d like; if that’s not going fast enough for you, you can also pick up a few more Holly Leaves in exchange for real money. So it’s really all about getting stuff. That seems like it might be the spirit of the season.