SuperData: Pokemon Go sinks during record-setting December sales season


The analysts at SuperData have released to the public part of a report on December 2016’s gaming industry today, calling December a “weak month for retail software sales in the United States” following its “worst December in two decades,” though console revenue was booming with a “record sales quarter.”

Over on the PC side, the top-grossing games list hasn’t changed much since November. League of Legends, Crossfire, Dungeon Fighter Online, and World of Warcraft still sit in the top four slots; while the bottom has reshuffled, with CS:GO and Overwatch bumping up a bit, it’s still the same ol’ games.

On the mobile list, however, Pokemon Go has fallen from the top slot to #4 (it’s cold out there!). Collectible card games are continuing to make piles of money off us, too.

MMORPG genre veterans will recall that SuperData has changed up its reporting categories several times over the years, sometimes reporting F2P and subscription games separately (which allows more MMORPGs and movement to show in the lists) and frequently lumping games in categories that defy gamers’ consensus. Reports reflect global markets. The company’s full reports are paywalled and designed for marketing researchers.

Source: SuperData

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