Trove counts almost 10M players ahead of March 14 console launch

Voxel sandbox Trove’s been in open beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for only a few short months, but it’s already gathered “nearly four million” players across both consoles, according to a Trion Worlds press release this morning, which also notes that “Trove’s industrious console players have also placed more than one billion blocks in the Trove world, while destroying more than 5 billion!”

Back in December, Trion counted 5 million players on all platforms, including PC. Now, the company says that combined number is “almost 10 million.” CEO Scott Hartsman says that “Trove is already dominating the Free to Play charts.”

Trion is planning an official launch on both consoles on March 14th, but don’t worry: Your characters and blocks are safe, as the studio promised no more wipes past closed beta. Just make sure you log in before the switchover and claim your free mounts!

Source: Press release
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