Crowfall video addresses group balance, disciplines, and skill training

Crowfall Design Lead Thomas Blair and Senior Game Designer Mark Halash are back today with a new Q&A video answering player queries. Here are the highlights!

  • Regarding armor mitigation: You’d best wear armor on every part of your bod, else you’re giving your opponents obvious holes to attack.
  • Alpha testers are noobing it up with low-quality resources and handmade armor right now, but eventually ArtCraft expects players to use high-quality resources for mass-produced, top-quality armor.
  • Basic crafting as a skill is a parent stat for other crafts that you will definitely want as a specialized crafter.
  • Weapon efficiency hasn’t been fully tuned for testing yet, so don’t be misled into thinking only damage matters.
  • Blair thinks testers are having a hard time seeing group balance at the moment since disciplines and their powers and counters aren’t fully in the game.

And finally, the duo address player math that suggests Crowfall’s in-testing skill training is roughly five times as lengthy as EVE Online’s. Blair says that tweaks are on the way and that disciplines, which have expanded beyond the team’s original plans due to their cool factor, will influence training.

Check it out below:

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Really happy with Crowfall progress. Game is fun to play already in it’s current testing state. Love the class variety. Crafting is interesting. I can’t wait for Eternal Kingdoms to go live.