Massively OP’s spring and Easter MMORPG event roundup


Bunnies and eggs! Flowers and grass! Lots and lots of chocolate as we hoard every Cadbury thing we can find! (Or maybe that’s just me?) Yep, Easter is this weekend, making it a convenient time for MMOs to shower us in stuff to keep us indoors and playing instead of outside marveling in the end of winter. We’ve collected a few of those events down below!

Pokemon Go has a built-in egg-hatching theme for its Eggstravaganza; get out there and farm experience and candy.

Black Desert has drenched its game world with tulips and begun the Golden Flondor Goose Egg event — just pick up the Legend of Florin quest from the Black Spirit and hunt for the golden goose once every 20 hours. It’s also kicked off a week-long trial.

World of Warcraft will be running its traditional Noblegarden events… but not until Monday. Womp womp. (Thanks, Alex!)

The Elder Scrolls Online conveniently turned this entire week and weekend into a free-play event. Spring dyes are also on sale.

TERA invites you to hunt caiman eggs all weekend. There’s a cash-shop sale going on too.

TERA. What else?

Aion’s EU branch can expect a +100% experience boost for Easter until the 19th.

RuneScape has introduced an Easter Bunny quest that results in the prize of an Easter Egg Helm, along with other event items and music.

Lord of the Rings Online’s spring festival ended last week, but this weekend, there’s a VIP event with bonus everything in its place.

“Happy Easter!” says Wurm Online. “Hot cross buns have been added as a recipe, you’ll have to find out how to make it yourself though!”

In Neverwinter, you’ll be picking up chicken eggs and collecting limited edition cockatrice and chicken companions.

Heh heh we said cockatrice.

Albion Online says bah humbug to Easter; it put out an infographic detailing just how many bunnies alpha players have murdered and how many carrots they’ve farmed. You know, when not busy killin’ bunnies.

EverQuest II has a stealth Easter egg event running. (Thanks, Bhagpuss and Niami!)

And Stomples Day is live in EverQuest itself! (Cheers, flatline <3)

Star Citizen has several ships on sale for the holiday weekend. It’s a free-fly period too, so everyone can hop on in.

Twin Saga is playing coy. “It almost seems like Easter and Christmas are happening at once. No specifics will be given just yet, but more details are bound to ‘hatch’ soon.” Pretty much every other MMO in Gamigo’s stable has something going on this weekend too.

Final Fantasy XIV is feelin’ eggshilarated. (Thanks, Rumm!)

Champions Online is running a Flashback Week — not spring-themed, but close enough.

Eternal Crusade has kicked off its “A New Waaagh!” campaign.

DC Universe Online’s Ultimate Edition is on sale all weekend!

Flowers rain down on Devilian. Wheeeee.

Dark Age of Camelot has begun the Rites of Spring event.

Life is Feudal has declared war on bunnies. (Thanks, Robert!)

Warframe has put some bits and bobs for sale for the holiday. Creepy alert!

Not to be outdone, here comes H1Z1:

We’ve surely missed some, and more will pop up after this preliminary list has gone live, so drop us a note in the comments when you spy more events!

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