Final Fantasy XIV offers its first glimpse of the dungeons in Stormblood

Where you can't see.
There will be a lot of dungeons to explore in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. That’s not a spoiler, that’s a fact of life, just like there have been a lot of dungeons to explore in the game so far. The latest blog post teases players with a brief glimpse at some of these new dungeons while carefully avoiding showing us any of the new abilities or talking too much about what players can expect from the mechanical changes coming with the expansion.

The dungeons we see are largely centered in Othard, with one appearing to be an outdoor dungeon in the Azim Steppes. One, however, appears to be an octagonal arena in some sort of Garlean facility, which seems like something to be found around Ala Mhigo. It’s all speculation right now, although it’s possible that players will need to match a bit more positional challenge in the expansion, since the game appears to be adding a fourth waymark in Stormblood.

Source: NA Blog, JP Blog
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Alexander Dragonfang

Pull, pull, pull, boss. Pull, pull, pull, boss. Pull, pull, pull, final boss.

– Ground breaking new dungeons.

Giannis Papadopoulos

I know I know.. but for some reason, ffxiv dungeons are much better than the rest of MMOs… class abilities, boss mechanics, the music..


I like how even the dungeon in a plain manages to have a hallway.