Albion’s Hector update brings the Black Market, revised Hellgates, and revised Outlands

Maybe that guy is Hector.

Hector is coming! That’s not a person’s name; it’s the name of an update in Albion Online, so you can spare yourself getting a cake ready and all of that. But there’s still a fair bit to do with the update, since Hector brings the introduction of the game’s Black Market as well as revised Hellgates and Outlands for players to explore. The Black Market allows you to sell items which will then be resold to enemies around the world as drops, so you can get rid of that unwanted sword and let someone else pick it up unexpectedly after fighting a beetle.

Outlands are seeing their harbors and cities removed (which means players will need to retrieve items stored there before the patch), replaced with portals that allow quick travel in and out. Resources and watchtowers are being tweaked to allow all players access to the region while maintaining a sense of danger. Hellgates, meanwhile, have a new map layout, new minions and mechanics, and new tiers of difficulty for various players. You’ll be able to try all of this yourself on June 7th, so make sure to grab items from the Outlands settlements before then.


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Sorry but the way these Black Markets are described it sounds like a way of grieving the enemy faction by loading their loot table with all the crap you craft or spam to raise your crafting skill … :D

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You may use the craft you have made to increase your crafting ability, it is called “study” in the game.
And till now you couldn’t get gear from mobs, and that was a good thing for me.

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The black market will give a base price for items, which the game sorely needs because many crafted and farm items have no base cost after the initial setup. The basic is the market tanked for low tier items in a month or two. Some prices tanked so bad it cost more to refine t4 at public stations, and costs in food, than to buy them refined from the AH. However since the items just return as drops, and aren’t destroyed, I don’t think it’s going to help the flooding of items on the AH. It just means instead of selling to players, you’ll probably send up selling to the black market, earning them back again from farming mobs, and then reselling again. Infinite loop of inflation.


So hyped for launch. Finally.