Albion Online’s final pre-launch update is uprooting cities left and right

Now I am hidden in the woods until they find me

Before Albion Online seizes its destiny and launches on July 17th, it is going to have one last hot, sexy fling in testing with a guy named Hector. Well, it’s an update named Hector, but I can’t be the only one who thinks that this “naming patches after your ex-boyfriends” trend is getting a little played out for this sandbox MMO.

Other than slightly wilted flowers and a strong aftershave, what is Hector going to bring when he knocks on your door? The update will remove cities from the Outlands and relocate resources in that region. For players who have stuff in those city banks or plots in those cities, you’re going to want to pack up and get your goods out of there before June 7th.

Get the full development recap after the break and keep your summer spicy!

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