RIFT opens up patch 4.2 on the test servers

uh, guys, really?
The 4.2 patch for RIFT (Celestial Storm if you’re on a first-name basis with patches) is heading to the live servers on July 19th. But what if you want to get a peek at class balance changes and a new area before then? You’re in luck, as the patch dropped on to the test server rather unexpectedly yesterday evening.

This patch adds in four new souls for the Primalist, the normal mode for Tartaric Rifts, new raid rifts, new creatures, and the new Vostigar Peaks region. It also involves lots of balance changes, which the team has helpfully compiled for players to examine and offer feedback on. There’s not much time before the patch is supposed to hit the live servers, so you’d probably better get into the test client and start testing sooner rather than later if you want your feedback in the mix.

Source: Twitter, Official Site, Balance Changes

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Bryan Turner

So is that the Bumblebee Tier Set?

In all seriousness if there’s any Trion employee lurking in the background like they do when an Arch Age article drops I would like to point out.

I would still be playing this game.


Your security would let my ISP AT&T Wireless log in to the game like it used to be able too, before I’d get an error stating it looks like you changed your server recently.

Here’s the thing it is a LTE connection so it bounces from tower to tower.

If your tech people could help me instead of telling me I was SOL you would have money from my wallet.

I’ve researched this and seen that people in similar situations had Tech Support lower the sensitivity on the security, not like it would hurt my account since I was getting email authentication every time I logged in.

But hey it’s only money right?

Patreon Donor

You still going on about this?

Bryan Turner

I will never let it go, I lost hundreds of dollars because they decided one day to not let me log in. I’ve seriously considered taking them to small claims court over selling me products I can not use even though I have a connection that’s more than adequate to run an MMO.