Final Fantasy XIV details some of the balance changes coming to the game on Tuesday

Imperfect balance.
The next patch for Final Fantasy XIV arrives tomorrow, and everyone who has been following the game knows that it’s bringing the new weekly Allagan Tomestones of Creation into the game. But it’s also bringing some other stuff in the form of balance adjustments, something detailed in the most recent Letter from the Producer LIVE with producer (and director!) Naoki Yoshida. All healing jobs are seeing some adjustments, with Scholar singled out for some far-ranging changes like reworks to Excogitation and Indomitability and the re-introduction of Miasma II.

Yoshida also discussed changes coming to tank jobs, Black Mage, Machinist, and Dragoon. He also discussed some of the game’s upcoming content, such as plans to implement a new Alliance Raid roulette for content such as Crystal Tower and Void Ark and new separations of congested areas in the open world. You can check out the full letter for more hints about the future, but you can also just wait until tomorrow; a lot of this will be in patch 4.05, after all.


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If they really want to balance something, buff the XP of lower level dungeons for higher level players and remove the ability restrictions when level synced. It’s boring enough as its running the same dungeon for the billionth time, at least let us have some fun with out other abilities (obviously, lower the damage/healing out put to compensate).

Danny Smith

As a RDM main in XI and now XIV seeing WHM’s express butthurt over RDM being able to heal and res and BLM’s express buttmad over RDM being able to case air and stone spells makes me wonder how many of these people even know what a Red Mage even is.


Uhh, it’s a mage in red clothes, duh


You can barely compare RDM from XI to RDM in XIV. The heal we get here is barely useful and we have almost no utility. Where are the DoTs? We have two debuffs that are useless 90% of the time. Why don’t we have Dia? And why do I have to wait until Lv70 to get MY DAMNED HAT?!


Still disappointed that they didn’t bring a healer class with the Stormblood expansion. “I like to play healer, so fk me right?”


Im not sheriff serious? The game has had 2 expansions. They brought a healer last expansion.

In these 2 expansions, they have released one of each of the following types :

Ranged Physical DPS
Melee DPS
Ranged Magical DPS

Disappointed? Like I said. Im not sure if you are serious right now.


I agree. SAM should have been a tank (maybe). Releasing two DPS together was stupid. For every DPS you release, you need a tank AND healer at the same time. The queues are just too horribly imbalanced given how many DPS classes there are.