Star Citizen followers react to server capacity, star system count news

Star Citizen

Another day, another Star Citizen drama.

German website Gamestar published an interview with Cloud Imperium Games this week, and between the paywall, Google translate, deliberate disinfo, and a quick game of confused telephone from other sites picking up the news, the actual stated information was lost and misconveyed.

The hubbub is over a server capacity-related quote from the interview that’s subsequently been accurately translated like so:

“There can only be a maximum of 24 players on each server currently (this will most likely also be the case in Alpha 3.0). […] The revision of the CryEngine in combination of a new server architecture in form of an intercommunicating server network (also known as Server-Meshes) instead of individually isolated servers should allow larger instances with thousands of players.”

Moreover, Roberts confirmed to Gamestar that Star Citizen¬†will launch with 5 to 10 star systems, an apparent reduction in scope from original launch plans, though that’s raised debate over which version of the game is actually the launch. (Readers have helped clarify that the 3.0 alpha will launch with an unfinished system.) It’s also helped prompt overt Star Citizen detractors to promote an infographic with an accurate (though cherrypicked) timeline of release claims and missed content deadlines on /r/Games. It probably won’t surprise you — no MMO and few video games hit their marks, transparently or otherwise — but it’s worth consideration.

Source: Gamestar, Reddit, Reddit. Thanks, DK!
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