Neverwinter details the latest skirmish in the Swords of Chult module

So there’s a merchant prince in Port Nyanzaru in Neverwinter, and wouldn’t you know it, he’s greedy. He’s so greedy, in fact, that he decided to take a coveted artifact that’s wanted by everyone from the Batiri to the yuan-ti. And is he going to give it back? Of course not, even when the enemy factions are literally breaking down the walls of the port to come get it. And because your character is a soft touch, you’re going to have to fight back against the invading forces in the new skirmish to make sure that everyone else doesn’t get destroyed while the invaders seek to offer said merchant prince an entirely justified beatdown.

Players will have to fight off three waves of increasingly difficult enemies to save the city (and the merchant prince, we guess) along with setting up barricades and deploying additional forces. Success brings rewards, of course, including some valuable items from the merchant prince himself, who is very grateful that you decided to save him instead of just throwing him to the invaders and letting them sort things out. (That isn’t actually an option, by the way. We’ve checked.)

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Nemui Byakko

Neverwinter is adding content with astonishing speed! And it is not bad, usually )