World of Warcraft Demon Hunter solos normal Gul’dan

Memento mori.

A Demon Hunter should be able to kill demons. That’s their one job description, and so it should be no surprise that World of Warcraft’s Demon Hunters are actually very good at killing demons. But most of them are not nearly as good as Mione, a name you’ll find in no lore compilations who still deserves a nod for soloing normal-mode Gul’dan.

Yes, solo. As in “big boss of the second full raid of the expansion taken out by a single dedicated player.”

Obviously, gear has improved somewhat since Gul’dan’s release, but the fight (which is watchable in sped-up form below) still took over an hour to complete. “Doesn’t Gul’dan hit enrage at 12 minutes?” you ask. And you’re right, he does. He enrages, and Mione deals with that mechanic. Go ahead and watch the video, then check out the video description to see how this was accomplished, including waiting out the enrage. The notes do mention that the “real” fight (after the enrage happens and falls off) “only” took 27 minutes, which is… still insanely impressive.

Source: YouTube via Blizzard Watch
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Bruno Brito

Mione is a great player. He and Raegwynn are really cool people to watch.


Mione is a super impressive soloer who’s been doing this for years throughout most expansions (generally on his DK). I’m happy to hear he’s still going strong.


Ah Blizzard.
Having troubles understanding the consequences of your scaling since TBC.

I’m amazed that to this day, they STILL don’t get it. Remember the “stat squish” that didn’t really do anything?

Robert Mann

My raid group was never patient enough to let me finish a boss solo in ESO, but I did fight one for ten minutes since bio was called. Went from 27% to 14%. Was fun, and boring at the same time. XD

Always interesting to see, but these things are never really practical.

Knox Harrington

Can you change the title to say “warcraft player” please? Mione used to solo stuff like this with their Death Knight. As a Death Knight player myself, the fact that they’ve all but replaced my class with this new two-spec, two-button mashfest joke kinda triggers me a bit.


this new two-spec, two-button mashfest joke

You get a like just for the quality of your insult :)

Oleg Chebeneev

There is pretty big community of WoW players who enjoy soloing dungeons and raids. Its a pretty big challenge for some encounters and Ive seen some folks go through over 150 wipes to solo some bosses. Doing it not for gear, not for fame, just for the challenge sake