Final Fantasy XIV hopes you can ‘bear’ with another Starlight Celebration

On December 15th, Final Fantasy XIV will celebrate the winter holidays once more with the arrival of the Starlight Celebration. And what could be more festive than an enormous bear in a seasonal costume? That you ride around as a mount? We’re sure that bear is probably just wild about being ridden and about being forced to dress up, that’ll work out great. Happy holidays, we got you an enormous bear.

There are also new tabletop furnishings, a new Orchestrion roll for seasonal music, and a new poster to place on the wall of housing. But the big reward is riding a big bear through the world spreading the joy of the season.

The latest patch delivers a little seasonal joy ahead of the event itself; players no longer have a weekly lockout for Deltascape Crystalloids and can exchange them for weapons more easily, and the turrets in Rival Wings have become somewhat weaker and shorter-range. So that’s not quite as much of a gift as a riding bear, but it should make life happier.

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