Blade & Soul previews its anniversary update and tailor shop in new videos

Video previews of patches are like a chance to try before you buy. Except that you aren’t really trying so much as you’re watching someone try it. Also, since this is Blade & Soul, you wouldn’t be buying it regardless; the title has a free-to-play business model. But you can still enjoy a pair of videos showing off both content and new features coming with the second anniversary patch, including the tailor shop’s outfit customization.

For some things, this is more useful than others. If you’ve seen the fight against Poharan before, this is not only not elucidating but specifically unhelpful, as the preview is more concerned about what the event adds after you beat her (a new merchant!) than how to beat her. On the other hand, seeing the pattern selection options in the tailor shop are going to help anyone curious about how the feature will expand player costume options. Check out the both videos below, although fair warning: Don’t start watching if your boss is walking over.

Source: YouTube. Cheers, Rafael!
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Indigo Salma

I stopped playing a few months after it release , going back now feels like i’l be overwhelmed by everything they added… I’l skip it >.< .


Well, we are there. Me and a few others. We are not many, but we can help you get back on your feet at least until you decide if you want to pour time into it.

Haliee is the name of my main. The server is Yura. Clan is named Epic MOPs.

You are welcome to join us.


As for the non Tailor Shop stuff?

Well, more improvements and a cool event dungeon.

The improvements are really pretty damn good actually. They have made it easier to get your legendary weapon and accessories. And now they making it easier to upgrade said items.

This anniversary encompasses two events so a bit different and maybe confusing for most as there will be two event currencies floating around.

Going back to one of the original dungeons first released with the game is going to be great. It will be only for 50s and beyond, but gear and power will be equally level set so all players will have the exact same stats. Mechanics will matter, once again!

It is going to be very jarring for some. I promise you. And there will be some frustration too as people try to figure the real way to defeat Poh and her friends at level.

It will benefit new players greatly though as old vets have to come to terms with the fact that they are not as good as they thought they were. Heh. I’m looking forward this.

So, it will be an interesting week next week in BnS. And a good time to jump in for the anniversary rewards which include one week of premium membership for free. If nothing else the xp bonuses are worth a visit.


Nice! Thanks MOP. For those interested this is definitely something to discuss. And you know what, it is is also worthy of discussion in a broader context. So let’s talk about this Tailor Shop first.

Well, the vid explains things pretty well. But there are a few things that need to be spelled out so that there are no surprises.

First, the Tailor Shop is available to everyone. BUT in order to make changes you need a cash shop item called a Chromatic Thread (CT). This Thread is essentially the currency. And, yeah, you are going to need a bunch of thread if you are going to make a lot customizations. You need 10 CTs just to start and then 1 CT per section. So… here go down the microtransaction slippery slope.

Ah, but that is not all. CTs are needed, but then to execute the changes gold is needed too. It is not clear how much it will cost or if it will vary by costume, but get your gold out. You are going to need it if you want to be “somebody”. Heh.

But it doesn’t end there. Not all outfits can be customized, yet. Ok. I get that. There are alot of outfits in the game and presumably the devs need time to put them into the Tailor Shop. The outfits very so much that I’m sure that it is not a cut an paste. However… they prioritizing Premium outfits. Yes, that’s cash shop outfits for the uninitiated BnS player.

SO…. this is really pushing the upsells in the cash shop, isn’t it? Hang on. There is more. The CTs I talked about earlier can be used to buy outfits from vendors in game. And there is going to be an RNG box available with outfits that may or may not customizable.

Anybody else see what is going on here? Yeah. It is a big money grab AND they even threw in a loot box to maximize their profit. *sniff* Say it isn’t so BnS. Say it isn’t so…

LOL. Ok, my rant is over. These are only cosmetic items. So, meh. I like alot of the outfits as they are, no need for anything else. But be wary my friends. The Tailor Shop in this f2p game is what keeps it f2p, if you know what I mean.


/Bleh :(

PS: If they’re not making this free for the premium user, I am probably not going to bother with this feature.


Oh there is one more thing that might make a difference to Premium members. Premium member will start to get 15 HM coins a day or a week, I don’t know which for being members. HM coins are as good as NC coins as you know. So, it may be possible to pay for your outfits and customizations without paying anything out of pocket outside of the membership.

Not clear on the details there. But the memberships are becoming more valuable, literally with the HM coin rewards.


Currently I am sitting at 200 HM coins (I think). That may have come with the original activation of my account 2 years back along with a generous package of NC coins. Not sure how one generates HM coins in game though. Is that some sort of Token mechanic one sees in WoW and WildStar?

Anyrates…thanks for looking into this for me and us. <3


Sort of. Yeah. HMs are coins earned in game that can be used exactly like NC coins. So, 200 HMs can be used to get something from the cash shop.

Therefore, depending of the cost of this Chromatic Thread, you may have enough to actually use the Tailor Shop without having to spend any additional real money. And if you add the HM coins you will get for being a Premium member, it may actually turn out the way you were hoping as in Premium members will not incur any additional cost to continue to use the Tailor Shop.


Pink costumes, here I come! <3