Elder Scrolls Online previews Dragon Bones’ Orc-themed Scalecaller Peak dungeon

If you haven’t checked out the Dragon Bones DLC on Elder Scrolls Online’s test server in person yet, you should at least take a peek at the zone previews ZeniMax has been rolling out. Today’s piece is on Scalecaller Peak, one of the dungeons going live with the update. The dungeon is themed with Orsinium ruins, which might confuse you if you thought this was an entirely Skyrim-flavored DLC, but if you take a look at the Tamriel map, you’ll see that High Rock and Skyrim share a mountainous border, explored in previous DLC. Orcs and Nords, living together!

Expect Peryite cultists, ogres, and giants to hamper your progress to the windy summit through dank caves and glowing toxins. Try not to die from the plague! And what do you get for winning? Death-themed woad tats, for a start.

“Should you survive the final battle and stand victorious atop Scalecaller Peak, you’ll earn a host of unique rewards. These riches could include the Blackmarrow Necromancer skin, earned by completing the Scalecaller Peak Challenger achievement; unique Trophies and Busts for completing the dungeon on both Normal and Veteran mode; and the Renegade Dragon Priest Mask, earned simply by entering one of the two Dragon Bones dungeons.”


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Rolan Storm

Whoa! That set should be mine… My healer’s I mean. *nod*nod*

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Bhima Jenkins

Man, I don’t know what it is with Elder Scrolls, they can make the most beautifully realized worlds, yet their character models are some of the worst in any modern game.

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Finally we have a picture again with a skimpily clad woman! Fortunately a bare chest dude next to hear – or is that forunate?