Colony sim Seed aims to simulate life whether you’re logged in or not


What do you get when you mash up Rimworld, The Sims, and EVE Online? Probably a big mess, but adjacent to that mess somewhere is Seed. Developed by Klang Games and using Improbable OS, Seed is a colony simulator in which players will make high-level management decisions about a fledgling settlement while their villagers go on living and working even while the player is offline.

It is an unusual and different sort of MMO than players are used to seeing, which is why it might be prudent to watch this short interview by PC Gamer to understand the full sales pitch for this sci-fi title.

“What we’re doing is a game that’s about simulating life. That isn’t a space that’s been explored before. We think we’re pretty early movers in simulation-based MMOs,” said Klang Co-Founder Mundi Vondi. Check out the interview below!

Source: PC Gamer

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Jeffery Witman

I love the idea behind this game and can’t wait to see the beta.

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

Hang on a sec…I could have sworn…

“Seed was a 3D sci-fi MMORPG from Runestone Game Development set in a world where humanity wished to colonize other planets, sending “seed ships” to carry out the task. Something went awry and life began on the wrong planet, cut off from Earth and further resources. Seed was unique in that it was devoid of combat and instead completely focused on RPG gameplay, politics and manual labor. The game shut down in September of 2006.”

Is it a co-incidence, an homage or is it the same people having another go?


It looks to be a coincidence. The original Seed MMORPG was developed by a Danish studio, this looks to be developed by a German studio headed by three Icelandic (ex-CCP) devs. The games also appear to have quite different basic concepts.

The original Seed was an RPG instead of a strategy game. A game where you started in an established underground colony facility, rather than establishing your own from scratch. It was very much about dealing with disasters, exploration, an overarching narrative and cooperation. Lots of politics too, like deciding which players lead which departments, etc. It also promised that its stories would diverge for each server, based on the actions of the players, I believe.

This new Seed looks to be very much a strategy game, with no such political elements and more emphasis on survival than exploration and an evolving world narrative.

Kickstarter Donor

Wait and see kind of game.