Titan Quest launches on console, Grim Dawn teases Forgotten Gods


Multiplayer ARPG Titan Quest has been on an absolute tear the last couple of years reinventing itself: First, it got a mobile port; then it launched a free 10th anniversary edition with new content on Steam. At the end of last year, it put out a Ragnarok expansion and made plans for console. Those console plans have come to fruition today as the game is now out for Xbox One (including Xbox One X) and PS4. A Nintendo Switch edition is still in development. And yes, the console edition includes Immortal Throne!

Meanwhile, Titan Quest’s equally successful spiritual successor, Grim Dawn, has news too. Crate Entertainment’s OARPG has been teasing its own Forgotten Gods expansion and Xbox One port, the former of which at least is due out this year. The latest tease is lizards and scarabs. Eeep.

The new TQ trailer is down below!

Source: TQ press release, TQ CE splash page, GD forums
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I’d get it for Switch in a heartbeat.


I’ll buy it Day 1 on the Switch, but only if it has couch coop.

Grim? Darhk

On the Switch? Consider me intrigued.