Camelot Unchained rescues lost souls trapped underground


In one of the quieter weeks for Camelot Unchained as of late, the dev team nevertheless made progress toward this July’s beta test.

Among the projects that were worked on this past week include testing the building interface, improving NPC behaviors, structuring resource nodes, upgrading the visual quality of character meshes, adding terrain assets, and more. It also sounds as though the team successfully scrubbed out a bug that has been trapping both players and NPCs underground.

The team also shared a half-dozen art mock-ups, object models, and user interface designs, which you can check out below. Always a very pretty-looking game, Camelot Unchained is!

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Honestly I haven’t really been keeping up, been a bit busy with my own issues as of late.
Did notice the patcher being remarkably better then it once was a few months back. Alas I just haven’t been able to find the time (or rather wake up early enough) to participate in the tests.