Guild Wars 2 takes action against PvP match manipulation


Even if you’re a winner you could be still be a loser in Guild Wars 2 — if you cheat. ArenaNet announced that it was taking strong action against a member of a recent monthly automated tournament who participated in deliberate manipulation.

“Due to account sharing, and a history of RMT purchases, one of the accounts on the winning team has been suspended for three months and had all rewards removed from it (for this mAT),” the studio said. “We have permanently blocked the main account of the player responsible for playing on the shared account during the mAT.”

The studio also told players that a weird bug has slipped into the game that’s reducing the number of gathering tool charges down to one and working to correct it.

But hey, at least we can all now sit in chairs! That makes up for pretty much anything.

Source: mAT announcement, gathering consumables announcement
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Bryan Turner

I may not have PVPed due to a lack of interest, how ever it’s been a well known fact that win trading has made PVP a Meme in GW2 for roughly 10 seasons (that statement can be credited to GW2 Youtuber MMOInks).

Bruno Brito

GW2 PvP was always a mess. I never understood how Jebro actually tried to make that a thing.