The Elder Scrolls Online is including daily login rewards with the Summerset release

Ride erry day
If you were sitting with rapt attention when The Elder Scrolls Online announced its next expansion, you probably caught a pretty thorough list of the expansion features when that happened. But the features of the accompanying game update might have been missed before now, and that contains an important bit of information. Daily login rewards are coming to the game with the launch of Update 18, with players getting a bundle of stuff just for showing up on a daily basis.

The promised rewards could be anything from crafting items to Crown Crates, although it’s not yet clear whether the rewards will be randomized or based on frequency of logging in. There will also be new daily rewards for the first Battleground you complete per day, giving you a bit more reason to log in and do something on the regular. It’s easy to miss it amidst the expansion feature list, but it’s a pretty important change just the same.

Source: Official Site via Reddit

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The Lord of The Rings Online has had daily and weekly login rewards (Hobbits Presents) for quite some time now and I don’t remember hearing any fuss about it when it came out. But hey, it’s the Elder Scrolls Online, let’s join the hype wagon and hate on it.


Fortnite is so blatantly setup like a mobile game it’s kinda gross feeling to play it. Eso is on its way!


I think that’s good news.

The way TESO is designed, it’s hard to just “quickly” do something in this game. Most of the time I play TESO in longer sessions, there’s little you can do in the morning before work or during a short break when you only have 10 minutes or so.

Of cause, you can go to the stable to upgrade your riding skill, quickly put new items into the research table or maybe even do a quick daily. But a significant portion of dailys requiere a group (the ones in Wrothgar) not even speaking about dungeons where you often have at least 10-15 minutes queue (as a DD of cause) and another 25-30 minutes for the dungeon itself.

I think it will improve the game if they provide more reasons to login on a daily basis even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. As I already said, I kind of miss a “meaningful” activity I can do in 10-15 minutes before work when I want to play the game but not get involved in an extensive questline…

However, I do understand the criticism that “daily login rewards” feel a little bit like a cheap free2play mechanic. I would rather see a mechanic similar to followers/garrison in WoW. I loved managing my followers before work in the morning.

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Pretty soon you won’t have enough time during the day to get all your dailies! :P

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Boo. I’m not a big fan of these. It just feels cheesy and cheap.

(that said, “upgrading your horsey by 1 point” was already the daily login reward)


The same.

The game isn’t fun enough to login on the daily so here’s acookie to lure you to do so.

That said, Rift only does a 21 day login calender so you don’t have to login EVERY day to get all rewards.