TERA delivers impressive new character abilities with the Godsfall patch

Let the gods fall, etc.
The latest update for TERA on PC brings characters to new heights of power. Not just because you’re acquiring all sorts of commendations and status; no, the update introduces the new Apex Skills, which deliver exactly what they promise. A dangerous solo quest guards the Apex Skills for the first seven classes, and you can see these skills in action in the videos just below. They’re kind of a big deal, as the name would imply.

Meanwhile, console players are going to have to wait a while longer to enjoy all of these new skills… but considering how recently the game launched on console, it’s probably just welcome to already be getting new content in the game. Console players can dive into Ruinous Manor, which is filled with dangerous enemies for level 65 and plenty of associated loot. Sure, it’s not the apex of what your character will eventually be able to achieve, but that’s something to look forward to.


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IVo An

I leave because no open world things(end game)!!! Only dungeons nothing more , i f i want to play dungeons only i can play POE or Diablo but i want OPEN WORLD THINGS!

Bruno Brito

Sigh…Devs, i’m speaking for myself here, but i’m sure some people agree with me:

STOP CHANGING MY DAMN WEAPONS. If you want to give me dual weaponry for Berserkers, then ALLOW US TO BUILD FOR IT FROM THE START. Good lord. Stop getting my archer to use a cannon, or to make my pistoleer use a shotgun. STOP. STOP.

I hate this laziness. “Hey, now you can use dual axes!” Why not give me a playstyle that allows me to BUILD for that? Instead of giving me that crappy enrage something.


Indigo Salma

Eh , i quit this game cause it has daily limit on dungeons …


Not if you’re willing to take a stroll in their cash shop for instance reset scrolls


…le sigh.


My reason might be abit more “shallow” but tired of the Elin\Female only restrictions on all classes released after launch basically. I’ll forever be stuck with Slayer and Warrior at this rate.