TERA’s third anniversary week features more doubled rewards and new employees with scarves

The only way to prove to future generations that you were present for TERA’s sixth anniversary is by acquiring an anniversary scarf. Never mind why you need to prove that for future generations; the important thing is that you need the scarf, and you’ll have a fresh set of chances to get that scarf as the third week of the anniversary celebration starts up. Employees will be on different servers at different times all week, and hunting them down is the key to proper adornment!

For the already bescarfed, there’s another near-full week of doubled experience and funds from Guild Missions along with special dungeon and battleground rewards this weekend. Heck, you can enjoy all of that even if you haven’t yet gotten your scarf. It’s nice to see the anniversary celebration rolling on for another week, unless you’re afraid of scarves and have no way of getting one. Then perhaps it feels like salt in the wound.

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