Black Desert’s Lahn class awakens today as Kakao counts 8.5M registered players and bans 738 cheaters

Why fix issues when we could double down?
As promised, Lahn Awakens in Black Desert today, which is preeeeetty fast turn-around for a new class in the game.

“She can swiftly switch between awakening and pre-awakening skills enriching her already deadly arsenal of combos,” says Kakao. “With the new Soul Raid skill, she can pull an enemy towards her for close range carnage. As her dual blades are fitted with chains, she can pull off wide range AoE attacks when properly executed. Players can begin the Awakening Quest starting June 6th after regular maintenance if they have reached level 56 with their Lahn character.”

Naturally, there’s a new quest for those who embark on awakening today, as well as a week-long experience boost event. I’m sorry, but it’s called Fever Time. There are also gobs more combat and crowd control changes that will be sure to send the community into uproar once again.

Incidentally, Kakao is touting 8.5M global registered users of the buy-to-play; the PR still lists the console and mobile editions for release later this year.

Get caught up on the latest BDO news:

Source: Press release, patch notes
Update: Kakao also notes that it’s cracked down on the Hystria hackers we wrote about earlier this week. Here’s the studio’s statement.

“Cheaters bring a lot of frustration to us true gamers, and we want to be able to play and compete fairly together. Knowing that others were getting ahead by cheating leaves a sour taste in all of our mouths. We’ve been acutely aware of the views and anger that many of you have shared across multiple platforms over the last few weeks, and we’ve been working to identify those malicious players to execute a thorough ban wave.

“We understand and share your desire to see swift action on this topic, so please know that we are continually looking at ways to improve our processes of gathering data and be aware that the amount of work that goes into ensuring we have perfect ban waves is extensive and takes time. Please also remember that ban waves are indeed waves, and while we can be sure we haven’t caught everyone yet, we’ll keep working on this and more will follow. Now, onto the part, you’ve been waiting for!

“Accounts found to be using software to increase movement or attack speed: 356

“Accounts found to be using software to automate an in-game process: 382

“Total accounts found to be using unauthorized software: 738

“All of these accounts have now been banned from accessing Black Desert Online. Thank you to all those who raised awareness for this issue and remained patient as we investigated and compiled the data. I’ll see you all for the next ban wave. -BDO Team”



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Toy Clown

I’m enjoying the heck out of my Lahn. Everything about her spells out pain! I’m not an aggressive person PvP-wise and don’t go out looking for it, but I’m also not the type to run from a fight. And let me tell you, Lahn is the most fun class I’ve played (admittedly only played 3 to this stage) and has an awesome arsenal for dealing with griefers. I haven’t touched my other characters since she released.

My only complaint about the Awakening is there’re too many important skills tied to mouse buttons that can’t be hotkeyed. My mouse hand is wrecked from years of gaming, so I probably won’t be playing with the Awakening much, at least for now.


Looks like a child between God of War and Heavenly Sword. It’s so epic, omg.



Note: Still keep thinking of “Local Area Network” when I see that name! o.O


The pun names are out of control.


So on and so forth.


…almost could start it’s own lahnguage! O.o

Toy Clown

I see LahnMower and ILoveYouLahnTime around a lot! haha