Elder Scrolls Online offers Steam downtime compensation as review-bombing hits ‘mostly negative’

Earlier this week, we covered the messy business between Elder Scrolls Online and Steam – specifically, that Steam logins for the game have been toast for the last couple of weekends, leading to some gigantic threads on both Steam and Reddit (2600+ comments now on Steam) as people found the game entirely inaccessible. Now, it doesn’t appear ZeniMax has it completely sorted yet, but a forum note says it’s working on a solution – and in the meantime, it’s offering compensation.

“To give everyone an update on the recent complications with ESO on Steam, we’ve been having conversations with Steam to fully understand what’s causing the downtime and login issues, and will update everyone as soon as we have information to share. In the meantime, we do plan to grant all Steam players an extra Psijic Vault Crown Crate since not everyone was able to login during last weekend’s giveaway event. These crates will be delivered to your account after the next PC maintenance, tentatively scheduled for July 2. Thanks for your patience, everyone. We’ll provide another update as soon as we can.”

As we wrote on Monday, the Steam issues led players to review-bomb the game on the platform, driving its recent reviews down to “mixed.” We called it a “polite” review-bombing, as most of the negative reviews telling people the game is still worth buying – just to not buy it on Steam until the problems are resolved. As of today, however, the recent reviews have been pushed down into the “mostly negative” zone, which isn’t really polite anymore – that’s going to haunt the game’s rating for a long time to come. Even the top positive review has now been edited to warn people away from the Steam version.

Source: Official forums. Thanks for the update, Zsokorad!
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