Final Fantasy XI adds new tiers of gear with an all-mount login campaign

This is not a doll.

The latest patch for Final Fantasy XI has gear you might not be able to wear yet. That might sound surprising, what with the game having established a rather firm equipment cap for several years now, but it’s the truth. Players can acquire new Superior 4 and Superior 5 gear, both of which require new job gifts to equip; the latter requires the Mastery gift, so you shan’t be able to unlock it until you’ve reached the highest tier of job progress.

The new gear is acquired by lasting through even more difficult waves in Dynamis, so it’s not going to be found just lying about on the ground. If you’re not up to that level of play, though, don’t worry; you can still take part in the game’s login campaign, which among other things is adding back more or less every single mount added through previous logins to give you a plethora of options for what to ride around. Good news for anyone who wants more ornate riding choices.

Curious about how the game is to play right now? We just wrapped up our Choose My Adventure series in the game, so you can check that out.

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Daniel Miller

Never really went into maintenance. It went into a low man and monthly update. But yea they put maintenance mode to shame. Last week they did announce they have plans to make new content in that redit 20 question thing on this website.

Vincent Clark

wait, isn’t this game in maintenance mode? :)

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Is that Igoo from “The Herculoids”?


Looks like I returned just in time. Now to find out what, if any, of these login rewards are transferable between characters on the same account.