Perfect World updates its Arc client with new features

Ride along with me.

You may or may not use the Perfect World Entertainment Arc launcher to play games like Neverwinter and Champions Online. There are lots of ways to get into the games, after all. But the developers would certainly like it if you were using the branded launcher, and with the latest update to the client you’ll have even more reason to do so. The newest version updates the layout of the front page to be more readable and allow special displays for more news categories, making the launcher more useful for sorting out what’s new.

Players can also take advantage of the launcher’s improved chat system, which brings some of the bells and whistles of voice chat, friend lists, group chats and you know what, it’s another client adding in an interface that should hopefully remind people of just using Discord. But there’s also an improved overlay in the game, so that’s a good thing. It should give you a little more reason to use the Arc client, or at least more improvements for people already using it.

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The Arc client overlay keeps stealing the shift key, which I use for sprint in Star Trek. If they added a way to finally turn OFF the overlay entirely, then and only then will I call any changes to Arc an improvement.


I just played Star Trek Online today on Steam and there is no such issue as the Arc client is not being used to launch the game. It requires PWE account, but it uses it straight in the STO Cryptic launcher. Maybe you can try to change the key or disable it like the Steam overlay?


Starting an MMO (or anything with its own account/launcher) through Steam can lead to other issues, so I try to avoid that.

I can actually launch the STO client direct without using Arc at all, and sometimes that is the only solution. Changing the keybind is the “official” answer, but that only works until Arc decides to glitch out and pull up the beta streaming menu every time you sprint.

And unfortunately there is no way to disable it like you can in Steam’s overlay. Which is why I’d consider the addition of that ability a good upgrade. :)