Citadel Forged With Fire is revamping character creation, PvP, and mana tomorrow


It’s been a hot minute since we checked in with Citadel Forged With Fire, but Blue Isle Studios is pushing through the negative early access reviews to deliver a hefty patch tomorrowday. Character creation is getting the biggest punch-up.

“As many players noted during our first year of Early Access, our character customization options were quite limited: Players were historically only able to modify two physical components (ie: head type and hairstyle). With this update we’ve upgraded this with a total of thirteen new customization options, all of which (aside from head and hair) can be precisely tweaked and modified with full slider support!”

The company does note that hitboxes/jump height won’t be affected by the character changes, so it shouldn’t affect PvP. That said, PvP is getting rebalance of its own, raid spells will be harder to craft, damaged structures will appear on the map, spawn rates should be “dramatically” sped up, resource yields will go up, mana management should be less irritating, weapon trees will revert to their old layout, and you can finally delete your old toons.

Source: Steam

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Robert Mann

The character customization is a good thing, along with character management. It is the rest of it that I am most interested in, though. The things being changed are all needed for lower level aspects of the game to get started, and have their biggest impact there. Reducing grind to the first home is a good thing!

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Ashfyn Ninegold

As many players noted during our first year of Early Access . . . .

Yes, that first year of EA is a killer. Second year will be much, much better. Promise!


I was actually really impressed with the first EA build. /shrug

Robert Mann

It wasn’t bad, but the changes being made are… good, and the fact they are taking in considered feedback, rather than just selecting to follow any comment, is something important too.

If they keep on the path they are on, and then bring new content as they were, this could become a very nice game. I still won’t play on a PvP server where people will offline raid any time they can, but the base raiding aside it could do a lot of good for trade and server community, while still being able to do everything yourself if you want to put in the time.


Oh I agree. I’m happy with the continued development. My comment was really directed at the somewhat negative slant the article contained. I think the game, from early release, has been fairly solid.