Shroud of the Avatar’s 56th update is live, with a big PvP update and bug clean-up


Shroud of the Avatar’s 56th release is upon us, having been pushed live successfully yesterday. A big chunk of the update is necessary but boring bug-fixing, Portalarium says, with “nearly 100 issues” taken care of, some of which should improve performance and load times, polish up the UI, boost the look of shadows and lighting, and make large player gatherings run more smoothly.

As we’ve previously covered, this month’s content drop is focused on the first playable iteration of the game’s PvP-centric Obsidian Trials, “with multiple features including timed matches, a poisonous boundary that reduces the play area, a revamped PVP scoreboard, two new currencies, and new rewards including emotes, potions, and titles. Best of all, when you are killed you do not lose any items, nor trophies, to the person who killed you!”

Housing fiends, there are gobs of new craftables for you; lore people, the comet is still coming! Check out the whole set of patch notes for the full run-down of what to expect.


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Feel bad for those, who are swayed by all the negative press from this game. Bottom line the game does have a lot of issues, but its also fun as heck, with nothing else out there like it. For those even remotely interested try the free trial (do the truth quests first its the most polished), and join the official discord.

One main reason to play this game is the community is one of the best out there, very helpful!