Black Desert and The Division are both free to play this weekend on Steam

Free me!
There was a time when it was rare to be able to try out an MMO without buying it, but these days the majority of the genre is free-to-play and there for you to try whenever. So games like Black Desert and The Division are outliers with a price tag preventing entry… except for this weekend. Both titles are offering a free weekend to everyone, throwing open the Steam doors and letting anyone jump in for some sandbox adventures or shooting your way across New York City.

If you’re taken in by that free taste, you’ll be happy to know both games are also for sale at a discount, with The Division down to $15 and the base Black Desert package down to $5. Of course, the former does have its sequel and replacement on the way, so you may want to be wary about how much you invest in the title… but right now let’s focus on the fun of getting to play the game for free, yes?


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Wardemonxi .

The negative reviews keep flowing in.
Such a waste of potential.

Nate Woodard

Eh. /shrug


After thousands of negative reviews they make f2p weeekend : ) It’s almost funny to see how desperate they are to gain the players they have lost.

Bruno Brito

They could be forever, and i wouldn’t touch it.

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I gave up on playing BDO since i learned i’m IP blocked, now i can do that, they “support” my region, when did that happen? not going to download it now, busy already with other games, but nice to know i can finally play it.