Hearthstone prepares a frozen tribute with Days of the Frozen Throne

Is it still too warm for you in September? Do you have dreams about the frozen lands of Northrend in Hearthstone? Or do you just long for a setting in which all of the heroes you can play are undead? The Days of the Frozen Throne event starting on September 19th will deliver on all of these wishes for players, starting by giving everyone who logs in during the event a free Happy Ghoul card.

Players can also take part in a special Tavern Brawl with both players starting as Death Knights, and there will be a pair of Legendary Quests rewarding a grand total of 600 gold. There’s also a special promotion selling 30 card packs for the expansion for $20, if you’d like to get some more death-themed tricks for later use. The event runs until September 30th, so get ready to celebrate the frozen wasteland of the undead.

Source: Activision-Blizzard press release

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Free Happy Ghouls…?
The ladder is already infested with aggro HealLock decks… by giving those away they will inevitable convince more people to try that horrid deck out.