Ascent: Infinite Realm resurfaces with new images


You guys remember Ascent Infinite Realm, right? PUBG publisher Bluehole’s upcoming fantasy-steampunk mega-MMORPG? The game’s official Twitter account has been silent since last spring, presumably while the game is under heavy construction for its international market and while the Korean testing continues, but today it blasted out a couple of gorgeous pics with accompanying lore.

“The Sunsetville Outskirts Defense is the first official Expedition Crew mission for any Child of Star who has reached adulthood. You must ride the airship and check if there are any threats in the skies of the outskirts of Sunsetville. The airship is equipped with a powerful machine gun. Use the machine gun to fight off the enemies who are threatening Sunsetville. The final Boss can then be found on one of the small islands and needs to be defeated without the help of the handy board cannon.”

We’ve had an eye on the game since it was announced just about a year ago and rocketed toward the top of our major inbound MMORPGs to watch. According to recent reports quoted on Reddit, the game is no longer expected to hit closed beta for us this year.

Here’s a quick look at the game so far:

Source: Twitter
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Unreal 3 from Korea. Might as well call it Bless Desert Online. I would’t touch this with your 10 foot pole


Doh, I read Bluehole as Bluebyte and got excited. Was the first 2s of excitement for an MMORP in what feels like an eternity.


I blame the delay on Tera Mobile. I am rather excited about this title hope it’s a good one. I’m diffently gonna try it out.