Here’s how Elite Dangerous’ revamped states system function in Beyond – Chapter Four


Frontier is continuing its info-dump of all the goodies coming in Elite Dangerous’ Beyond – Chapter Four, which is currently in beta in prep to launch before the end of 2018. Last week, it deep-dived exploration. This round, it’s focused on background simulation and scenarios. Wait, hear us out – it’s much more interesting than it sounds.

“The Background Simulation (BGS) is a representation of how the actions of all players, no matter on which platform or mode, impact the galaxy,” explains the studio. “The factions that inhabit these system battle for influence over the population and control of the starports, installations and outposts. Player actions can push these factions into various states; such as economy, security, health and influence. With concerted effort players can help grow a faction’s economy, destroy its security status, or help win a war.”

Beyond Four will allow for multiple such “states” per system and revises the states themselves: economic, security, conflict, movement, and other. For example, the economy and security states are on sliding scales.

“As the marker on the Economic bar is pushed upwards, the faction can move into Boom and then Investment. The other end of the Economic bar consists of Bust and eventually… Famine. The Security bar consists of Lockdown, Civil Unrest, and a new state called Civil Liberty on the positive end. Civil Liberty represents a period of safety and freedom for the faction’s population.”

You can check out the whole recap on the game’s official forums or just watch the whole stream.

Want the shorter version? MOP reader and YouTuber Colin Ford has a recap too!

Source: Official site. Thanks so much, Colin!
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