Fortnite hits 8.3 million concurrent players

Go punkin' when you get the blues

Belaying any claims that it’s last year’s fad or on the way out, Fortnite has surged forward to cross the 8.3 million threshold. And that’s not 8.3 million players, but 8.3 million people playing concurrently across the world. VG247 notes that the last concurrent numbers we had for the game were 3.4 million back in February 2018.

That’s a whole lot of people parachuting down to their deaths.

To put this number in context, this places¬†Fortnite above and beyond other game records, such as Crossfire (8M), League of Legends (7.5M), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (3.2M), Minecraft (1.4M), and Destiny 2 (1.2M).

Source: Invenglobal via VG247
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